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NonoCube puzzle game busts brains with Android launch

April 10, 2013 - Graycode Software, a Philadelphia-based mobile game and development firm, today launched the free version of NonoCube, a 3D puzzle game based on the nonogram, or "Japanese Crossword." The game is now live on both Google Play and the Amazon's Appstore for Android.

In NonoCube, players use numbered logic clues to solve puzzles and uncover secret objects hidden inside. NonoCube builds its puzzles via a special algorithm that makes them challenging but also guarantees that a player will never be without a valid move or have to guess to solve a puzzle.

"One of the frustrations we wanted to conquer for puzzle gamers was the feeling of being stuck without options to move forward," said Robert Gray, CEO, Graycode Software. "In NonoCube, our algorithm will challenge players but will also guarantee they always have a path to solve our puzzles."

Puzzles ramp up in difficulty throughout each of the game's four "skies" with puzzles ranging from minutes to solve to more than an hour. The base game includes 60 NonoCubes to solve and approximately 10 hours of content. Paid versions of NonoCube receive an additional 30 brain-busting puzzles in the game.s first "Platinum Pack." The Platinum Pack is also available via in-app upgrade in free versions of NonoCube.

Versions and Pricing

NonoCube Free

Includes 60 puzzles and 10 hours of ad-supported content. Platinum Pack puzzles are available for $.99 USD. An additional $.99 USD disables advertising.

NonoCube Premium - $1.99 USD

Includes 90 puzzles and 20 hours of NonoCubes to solve. The first Platinum Pack puzzles are included free with purchase.

iOS versions are currently in development and will be available in the coming weeks.

About Graycode Software

Graycode Software is a development and consulting firm based in Philadelphia. The company specializes in web design, application development and software testing, and has over a decade of experience providing solutions to major corporations and small to mid-sized businesses.

For more information please contact troy at graycode dot com or visit

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